For self-driving cars, car washes are a nightmare

Article from Fox8 LINK
Funny article talking about how expensive all the sensors are…. How sensors can cost $100,000! Oh my!  I have purchase sensors…. I have purchased cameras…. I did not spend over $300.  LOL 🙂  Also how “a traditional car wash’s heavy brushes could jar the vehicle’s sensors, disrupting their calibration and accuracy.” Yes they are very “heavy” (What on Earth are they even discussing here?)…. But you better pray there is no way a broken car wash brush hitting your car with great force can disrupt the calibration and accuracy! Or your silly over paid engineers making expensive proprietary sensors need to start over!  Or they better have good insurance.

This does bring up an interesting point.  This work on autonomous cars…. If sensors are exposed to the elements and can not be run through a car wash (or touched by mere mortals) these vehicles are obviously not street worthy. People should actually read this and think “This is some janky BS”…. Well that is the first think I thought.  This can obviously not be sold to any normal company or person.  This is basically a toy…. An expensive money making “Look what I can do” toy.  Sure it is the future…. But come on if you jar the car when opening the glove box and the car veers off and you get in a wreck you might have a major problem!  🙂

Plus where is my flying car stupid Engineers….