For self-driving cars, car washes are a nightmare

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Funny article talking about how expensive all the sensors are…. How sensors can cost $100,000! Oh my!  I have purchase sensors…. I have purchased cameras…. I did not spend over $300.  LOL 🙂  Also how “a traditional car wash’s heavy brushes could jar the vehicle’s sensors, disrupting their calibration and accuracy.” Yes they are very “heavy” (What on Earth are they even discussing here?)…. But you better pray there is no way a broken car wash brush hitting your car with great force can disrupt the calibration and accuracy! Or your silly over paid engineers making expensive proprietary sensors need to start over!  Or they better have good insurance.

This does bring up an interesting point.  This work on autonomous cars…. If sensors are exposed to the elements and can not be run through a car wash (or touched by mere mortals) these vehicles are obviously not street worthy. People should actually read this and think “This is some janky BS”…. Well that is the first think I thought.  This can obviously not be sold to any normal company or person.  This is basically a toy…. An expensive money making “Look what I can do” toy.  Sure it is the future…. But come on if you jar the car when opening the glove box and the car veers off and you get in a wreck you might have a major problem!  🙂

Plus where is my flying car stupid Engineers….

Car Washes are Exactly like Milking a Cow…. If I knew what that even meant!

I do understand what this guy is talking about and I just enjoyed his quote.

“I want to retire and I can’t retire if I’ve still got car washes,” he says. “With car washes, you’ve got to be there. It’s like milking cows. You’ve got to do it every single day and you’ve got to be there every single day.”

Answer Man: Owner finally wants out of the car wash biz Steve Pokin

If You Own A Nice Car, Stop Being Lazy And Wash Your Car At A Self Serve Car Wash

I have heard this argument way to many times…. “If I had a nice car I would never go to a scratch-o-matic”. How unoriginal and well ignorant. What are you seriously going to do? Use a worse over priced product and wash your “nice car” at your house?  Plus why not use your inferior brush and crappy mit also?  Maybe you should follow directions?  Rinse the brush and use it (BTW same with your inferior brush)?

Also I have discussed this with multiple hand washers before…. I know chemicals.  Car washes purchase in bulk and their product is concentrated.  Your produces are no better it is psychological.  The brands in general and really only different by price and concentration for the car wash owner.  For you because you are a lonely consumers your product has to be safe and super diluted.  Everyone is literally purchasing the same product from the same basic source (commercial and consumer).  Now hand washes this is true…. but for detailing like butt cheese you rub on your car?  I assume it is the same bs racket (why would there be a difference)…. I would purchase the cheapest name brand stuff.  No local Chemical Guy homegrown BS…. do not be a total mark.  But do not listen to me what do I know?  Overpay I really do not care….

The ironic part of this exercise is this:  The brush you guys use…. This part actually really bothers me because it is so ignorant.  It is also based on total ignorance and you should at least if anyone was concerned purchase a natural brush.  I would not use a synthetic brush on my car or on my lot.  It scratches your car (I guess?  🙂 )…. Use a natural brush.  Purchase a good bush and no products or cheap products…. You would be better off no lie.  Also the mit…. Seriously (if we are going to stick with this cars are super easy to scratch thing) how is that good for you car?  Unless you want to scratch the whole car?

Lets just be consistent here okay…. The fact is after 15 years using good natural brushes at a self serve car wash there has never been one complaint for a scratch.  So I would say this is total bs…. But what would I know?  I pay more for a brush then you and feel your over prices chemicals really are as good as Dawn.  LOL 🙂

The real problem your car gets scratched…. You clean it…. You notice the scratch.  Nothing but you scratch the car!

Unless you went into a larger tunnel!  Those are evil!  JK or am I?  🙂

If You Own A Nice Car, Stop Being Lazy And Give It A Decent Wash Zac Estrada